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From the moment we receive your order your server will be up in no time and we will send you login details for Game Panel via e-mail!.

24/7 Support

Sick of being misunderstood or ignored? we don't do that here , we are fellow gamers and understand the struggle!' .

99% Uptime

We maintain and uphold high network availability by housing our infrastructure in only the industry's best datacenters with the most reliable uplinks.

Unlimited Storage

More than 80% of our infrastructure now consists of not SSDs, but NVMe SSDs. These are over 7x faster than SSDs, which are up to 20x faster than HDDs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a small hosting company we will not fail to provide you with only the best resources for your game servers as we know the struggle out there for several server owners that are misunderstood and have alot of pression on their backs because of servers not working properly as they meant to.
In most cases, you can remote into a VPS and use it as a normal computer, but just host files and such on it. For our game panel, you have no remote access. You manage your server via our Game Panel website. You can do things like edit files, restart your server, create backups, and so much more. To access files, we also offer FTP Access (Filezilla / WinSCP). Check out our Game Panel.
Yes, you can! You can create a support ticket with the name DNS and provide us your ip and port with name and we will make a DNS for your server !
You can easily manage your server files on our game panel using our file manager. Do anything from upload, delete, or edit files. We highly recommend using FTP (Filezilla / WinSCP) to upload files, as it is much easier than uploading files via our File Manager.
We never recommend sharing an account with others. If you need to give someone access to your server, create them a sub-user on our game panel. You can easily give them access to whatever perms you wish, allowing a more secure environment for managing your game server.

What our customers say


stable host 100% uptime , truly professionals 24/7 support. the best host i ever had in 3 years. great guys!


I am renting 2 Rust servers for some time now and has always been there as soon as a problem arose. No matter the problem they always try to find a reason behind the issue and get to work resolving it. Thier quality of work is outstanding to say the least and always try to go the extra mile. Wheather your a first time server owner or currently already have a server. I highly recommend Weoxide as a host for your server.!


Server works awesome, good work!


Server setup took little to no time and even got help to install plugins!


Aug 13th

Rust servers maintenance! Integrating RCON Panel

Maintenance on all Rust servers Monday 9 AM CET until 10 AM CET ! Servers might be down for 5-10 minutes each to migrate to other rust core compatible with our new RCON Panel features ! Nothing will be removed , everything will be kept intact ! 

Jul 17th

USA Maintenance

Maintenance on USA Node , all USA servers will be affected with a 10-15 minutes downtime to implement new features and better graphs display in panel  and more performance boosts & hotfixes! Starting now 1 AM CET Ending 2 AM CET  Downtime for all servers will only be 10-15 minutes!